School Nurse Initiative


The Toolkit Includes

  • A Special Edition DVD of Endo What?
  • An engaging, 8-page Educational Toolkit targeted to health care professionals,
  • A colorful, glossy 11” x 17” Poster to hang in each school infirmary & provide an instant resource for students,
  • A downloadable Discussion Guide to promote open dialogue & communication between nurses, teachers, administrators and students,
  • A downloadable sample Lesson Plan for health teachers to teach a class about endometriosis.

If girls were diagnosed when they first have symptoms,
it would be REVOLUTIONARY.

Our goal is to provide a Toolkit to every School Nurse in the U.S. & beyond.

Endometriosis sign

"Nearly 100% of girls sent home or missing school due to painful periods has endometriosis. School nurses are uniquely positioned to recognize symptoms. EndoWhat? provides the powerful narrative that builds that awareness." DR. MALCOLM MACKENZIE, Endometriosis expert, Harvard Medical School
Groundbreaking effort to educate about a very prevalent disease. A MUST SEE for every pediatrician, school nurse, gynecologist and family practitioner.....”
DR. IRIS ORBUCH, Endometriosis expert, Lennox Hill Hospital, New York, NY
“This critical film cuts through the vast misinformation surrounding endometriosis... An invaluable resource that simply must be shared again and again until the disease is elevated to a priority public health platform..."
HEATHER GUIDONE, Endometriosis Expert & Advocate, Center for Endometriosis Care

You may name the school(s), city or state OR we will send to school(s) on our list.

Put your LOGO on the materials & show your support for all to see! Email us at

$30 - Change Starts with One

It all starts here. Your decision to support one school educates hundreds of girls. Send one Special Edition Toolkit to a school nurse.

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$150 - The Ripple Effect

Start a ripple effect across a town, county or school district by sending 5 Toolkits to five school nurses.

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$300 - Momentum Builder

Build real momentum for change within a city or state by sending 10 Toolkits to ten school nurses.

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$1,000 - Game-Changer

Make a revolutionary impact in a city, state or region. Send 35 Toolkits to 35 school nurses.

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You Make the Call

The ball is in your court. Choose any amount you'd like to donate and we'll send out as many Toolkits as possible (Toolkit costs are approx. $30/each).

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* All donations over $250 are 100% tax-deductible within the United States via our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor.

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